Welcome to Idyllically.com Premium Domains

At Idyllically.com you have an opportunity to acquire premium domains for business creation or investment for capital appreciation or cashflow. All domain sales use Escrow.domains escrow service.

Full terms of service can be found under our terms of service.

What Makes a Domain Name Premium or Great ?

The definition of a premium domain can be subjective however some broad criteria are:

  • 1 to 2 word dictionary words without hyphens, numbers, .coms most valuable
  • Shorter the domain the better
  • Memorable word(s) combining dictionary words or a combination of vowels/consonants
  • Words suitable for a branding exercise such as colors, fruits, objects etc
  • Domain hacks using extensions as part of the domain such as firstna.me
  • Domain names describing professions or services such as accountancy, lawyers etc