Domaining as a Business

Domaining as a business has been very lucrative for a number of investors alternatively called domainers. What makes this such an attractive business is the ability to produce financial gains ranging from 0 to 10,000 percent.

Single word, brandable and memorable domains have sold for millions of dollars. Some of them acquired for the cost of hand registration and others purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars and resold for millions.

Dot Com domains have traditionally commanded the large dollar prizes however as other TLD and gTLDs become more popular and the value recognized they have also achieved record sales. Domaining has been referred to as the virtual real estate or internet real estate.

Domains are such a versatile asset in that they can be sold, developed, leased in very much similar ways as real estate property. The advantage of domains however is you can start the business with as little as $50 and build an appreciating portfolio that also generates income.

Domains are purchased through authorized registrars and you can store multiple domains in your account without needing to develop them or purchase hosting. Once your ready to develop your domains you can use a web hosting company so you have physical space to store your web site templates and files.

One approach that domain investors take in order to achieve success is to focus on products, good or services that people need and want each day. An important thing to note is to avoid purchasing trademarked words as domains as you have a risk of legal action and loss of your domain.